MF: I see a clear theme of surfaces in your work. Your subject matter speaks fluidity yet is finalised into crisp, neat shapes that demand their own space. Could you tell me how you initially gather such attractive visuals and how they come to being art pieces in their own right?


NR: I guess the visuals just come to me. I always have a clear idea of the final result in my mind before I even start to design. Sometimes, I wish I could just push this button “Print from my mind”.


MF: Do your 3D objects and paintings speak to one another? If so, which comes first?


NR: When initiating a design process, I usually start by creating my art work by hand (using acrylic paint, water colours etc.) and then I subsequently implement my work digitally.


MF: Colour seems an important factor in your work. From an interior design perspective the colour and even materials you use are in trend with what current fashion demands. Are the colours and materials you use taken from current styles or is there something more to your choices?


NR: I tend to use soft pastel colours combined with gold. Using these colours are very characteristic from my designs but I guess that I am also subconsciously inspired by fashion and latest trends..and hopefully I create trends also.

MF: How have you come to your success as a designer? And how did your work become known across the world?


NR: I worked hard to come to where I am now. But I have also been blessed to somehow create a style that people respond to positively. I have been fortunate to be featured in Danish magazines, books and tv programmes. My guess is that international shops noticed my brand via the Danish media.

MF: Do you have any up coming projects you would like to tell us about?


NR: I am always working on new and exciting projects and at the moment, I am working on some designs for smaller furniture. - Mel Fletcher - Nynne Rosenvinge - Mel Fletcher - Nynne Rosenvinge

Interview by Mel Fletcher

Text by Mel Fletcher 2015

Images © Nynne Rosenvinge




Paper Weight #004 (Pale Gold) © Nynne Rosenvinge

Art No 53 Mint taste (Edt. 16) © Nynne Rosenvinge​


Nynne Rosenvinge is a Danish artist and designer based in Copenhagen with global recognition. Her minimalistic and pleasantly contemporary pieces can be found in design shops, interior magazines and design blogs across the world. In this interview Nynne talks of her artistic processes, successes and gives a sneak peak into her current projects.

Words by Mel Fletcher