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What is striking about Energies is the impressive and ambitious use of space within Australia’s contemporary gallery. Entering each room, we as the audience are taken into a methodical and complicated manifestation of both artist’s research over many years, attempting to decipher that which is a scientific presentation and that which is art. One of which is Geology, an overwhelming large interactive projection of a fictional terrain that engulfs the entire room from floor to ceiling. This projection almost works like a futuristic Google Maps by using your hands to move around the epic and unfamiliar landscapes without having to use touch. I use the word futuristic lightly because Energies is an exhibition far from gimmicks. Both Haynes and Hinterding have displayed their progression of work in the most sophisticated yet pleasantly curious manner.


Another interactive work was Magnetic Curves by Joyce Hinterding. Carbon drawings of flat, linear mazes quite simply displayed along the gallery’s walls invited the audience to touch. Gently touching the hand-drawn lines a static noise is then fed through headphones attached to the piece. What’s interesting is different areas of the drawing created different frequencies of noise. As our energy feeds the work, it creates an intimate experience by following the intricate lines and attempting to translate the language the drawing is trying to communicate.

The human senses do not stop here for Haynes and Hinterding; Earthstar unlocks other ways for us to experience unseen energies. By using the chemistry of synthetic fragrances both artists attempt to create what they would consider the smell of our Ozone. Displayed as scented PH sticks contained in lab beakers, Haynes and Hinterding do not shy away from their modest scientific influences and processes.

www.melfletcher.com - Mel Fletcher - Energies

David Haynes and Joyce Hinterding

Telepathy (2008)

Timber, anechoic tiles, acoustic barrier rubber, plasterboard, video monitors, video transmitters

Image source: haineshinterding.net © artists

David Haynes and Joyce Hinterding

Geology (detail) 2015

Installation view, real-time 3D environment, 2x HD projections, game engine, motion sensor, spatial 3D audio

Commissioned by MCA Australia, supported by Christchurch Art Gallery

Image source: mca.com.au © artists and Sarah Cottier Gallery

www.melfletcher.com - Mel Fletcher - Energies

A reference both artists use is German psychoanalyst and inventor Wilhelm Reich (1897 –1957). The artists describe Reich as “the great 20th century explorer of the inner depths of the psyche and the invisible in nature”.


What is clear in this exhibition is Haynes and Hinterding’s fascination and passion for trying to reveal and understand the energies that surround us – whether that be the electricity from our Television set or the celestial energies of our universe. Working together in Australia’s Blue Mountains making working sculptures, inventing and researching, both artists are dedicated to this curious yet formidable subject matter.


Review written by Mel Fletcher

Text © Mel Fletcher 2015

Images © to photographers mentioned

Source: haineshinterding.net


Mueseum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney



Joyce Hinterding

Aeriology 1995/2015 (installation view) Aeriology

Copper wire, oscilloscopes

Image courtesy the artist and Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney © the artist, photograph: Ian Hobbs


MCA, Sydney, Australia


Energies is a two person collaboration series with artists David Haynes and Joyce Hinterding. Taking over the entire first floor of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art; this exhibition invites the audience to participate, interact and contemplate the hidden, powerful energies of the universe we inhabit.

Words © Mel Fletcher