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Seed Creative Network is a showcasing site for creative people inspired by the arts, music, fashion and design.

- Seed Creativity.

This particular marketing campaign was a strategy to engage potential new members to join Seed Creativity's new online platform 'Seed Creative Network'. 

Graphic posters were designed and sent via email to target audiences such as galleries, creative organisations and creative individuals.​​

Designed by Mel Fletcher.

Campaign coordinated by Seed Creativity.

Images © Mel Fletcher

Source: Seed Creative Network


Gallery?: Seed Creative Network promotional poster (2014)

Design © Mel Fletcher

www.melfletcher.com - Seed Creative Network - Seed Creativity logo

Image 1: Are you a creative organisation?

Image 2: Are you creative?

Image 3: What could be

All images: Seed Creative Network promotional poster (2014)

Design © Mel Fletcher

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