One of which was Alison B Allen’s photographic print Scrub Yourself Clean. The artist’s pleasantly rhythmic photograph of bleach bottles aligned in a row contrast perfectly with the cobweb ridden, brick wall it is displayed in front of. Clinical in content but colourfully pleasing the artwork fits well with the theme of the exhibition with polar opposites that share similarities.

“My mother over ordered bleach, buying twelve instead of two. On the same day the side porch was about to have new windows, so I cleaned the shelf and took a photo of the bottles lined up on it – which also happened to match the colour of the lids”. - Alison Allen


Alison Allen typically works in installation, sculpture and drawing and has recently completed her MA at Northampton University.

Selected from the exhibition to win a membership at - Mel Fletcher - Poison & Remedy

 Scrub Yourself Clean © Alison B Allen

Leicester Lo-Fi Photography Darren O’Brien’s photographs present empty interior spaces as classic-looking portraiture with a sensitivity to mood and colour. O’Brien describes his series as “spaces that absorb the personality of people” and bring to attention places that are close to disappearing. O’Brien’s series are influenced by Peter Fraser’s portraits of machines and focus on places such as Leicester’s Secular Hall. Darren O’Brien is in process of completing his BA at De Montfort University.


Recently exhibited at UK Young Artists Festival, Olivier Leger’s Tortue Geniale creates a fantastical world of animal ecosystems that brings forth the topic of conservation. Beautifully detailed Manta Rays, Orca, Squid, Sperm Whales and Eels; Leger’s drawing plays with scale in a delightful way.


“I find animal biology, ecology and chemistry interesting. You can have a creature with all these interesting characteristics and it occupies a space with all these little organisms that interact with other organisms in a whole mesh of interconnectedness.” - Olivier Leger


Also at WTS Gallery’s Winter Open is Ricky Joyce’s Saving Grace, a sculpture symbolising a traumatic experience in which his daughter suffered a febrile seizure; Annabelle Spencer’s Remedies, photographic vessels that suit well to the theme of the exhibition; Stefania Laccu’s Skin, a beautifully textured and intimate painting with unsettling content; Mark Boot’s Untitled, a luminescent installation themed by ultraviolet light with both its beneficial and detrimental effects; and Elisavet Andreou’s Turmoil, a film installation on the subject of Cyprus’ gold rush and how it has poisoned the individual’s existence.


The preview evening of WTS Gallery’s Winter Open handed many prizes to artists and the public alike in aid of supporting Leicester’s cultural community and its creatives. Not only will the exhibition be running until 19th December with artworks featured for sale, WTS Gallery will also be a part of St. Martins Square’s Christmas Fayre on Sat 6th December with local food, handmade gifts and live bands, one of which is a London based electronica instrumental band Kontakte that will be playing in WTS Gallery.


Article written by Mel Fletcher

Text © Mel Fletcher 2014

Commissioned by WTS Gallery 2014

Image © WTS Gallery




WTS Gallery, Leicester, UK


On Saturday evening 29th November WTS Gallery welcomed the public to its first Winter Open exhibition. Themed ‘Poison and Remedy’ the preview evening exhibited local talent in curious and seductive outcomes such as; installation, sculpture, video, photography, painting, collage and drawing.

Words © Mel Fletcher